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London in One Day - 5 Suggested Itineraries

A perfect London in one day itinerary should be carefully planned. From the Big Ben and the Parliament to the Hyde Park and some of the best museums, London is one of the most attractive spot for tourists on the globe - glorious palaces, interesting museums, well known monuments and pleasant parks. While all are well worth a visit, careful planning by an expert is the key for a great day, especially when all you have is just one day. Take a look at the suggested one day London itineraries below and see what would be your perfect plan to explore London in one day.

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The Best of London in One Day
If you have only one day, and you're interested to see the best of London then this itinerary may be perfect for your needs. From St. Paul's Cathedral, through Westminster Abbey and to the British Museum. This one day it
A Cultural Tour in London
See how you can see London's most important museums in Just one day. This one day itinerary starts in the V&A Museum, spend some time in the Museum of Natural History, makes a stop in the Science Museum and end your
London with Kids in One Day
If you are looking for a perfect one day itinerary to spend with your family in London then this plan may be the one for you. It will take you in the most convenient route to all the sites that children and adults like t
A Laid Back Trip Plan
Enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable one day in London itinerary. See some of London's famous sights such as St. Paul's Cathedral, the Big Ben and the British Museum. If you are looking for a laid back experience of one da
The Best of London in One Day
If you would like to visit all of London's top attractions and have only one day to spend then this may be the itinerary you are looking for. Walk through all of London's major landmarks such as St. Paul's Cathedral and
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When you think of London, the capital of the United Kingdom, you can't help conjuring up i
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The building widely referred to as the Houses of Parliament is actually called The Palace
This museum has been open to the public for 255 years; the collections s
This religious edifice is where royal British coronations and burials are held, it is offi
This is the official residence of the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II; it is used for
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