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Paris in 2 Days - 8 Suggested Itineraries

See what you can do in Paris from one day to one week. Two days in Paris can take you through Paris top attractions as the Notre-Dame, The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and other world famous monuments but it can also be a cultural trip through Paris museums or a perfect family weekend. Take a look below and see some itineraries for a perfect trip to Paris in 2 days.

Thinking of a longer or a shorter trip to Paris?
Get the Most out of the Paris Pass
Use this suggested two days itinerary to experience unforgettable moments in the city of lights. This itinerary ensure you do not miss any of Paris famous landmarks like the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, the Ei
The Cultural Experience
Experience the best of Paris museums through this carefully planned 2 days Paris itinerary. This itinerary will take you through Paris important museums - Center Pompidou, the Louvre museum, d'Orangerie Museum, museum d'Orsay and
Shopping and Culture in The City of Lights
Experience the best of Paris shopping in this two day shopping itinerary while walking though some of Paris famous landmarks. Visit the fabulous department stores of Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, and continue with a tour through Pa
A Perfect Outdoor Plan
Experience a wonderful two days out through Paris architecture gems as some of the most impressive palaces and churches in Europe while pleasantly strolling through the most beautiful parks and gardens. This plan is the perfect wa
Family Fun in Paris
Looking how to spend a the best time with your family in Paris? This itinerary will take you through the places that kids and adults will know how to appreciate. Admire together the splendid views from the Eiffel Tower, relax in Champs
Culture & Nature
Experience the best of Paris through this well balanced Paris itinerary (2 days). Visit Paris most famous museums such as the Louvre and Center Pompidou and stroll in its lovely parks in this carefully planned two days itinerary. If yo
Paris Laid Back
Take this Paris 2 days itinerary for a relaxed, cultural and enjoyable 2 days in Paris. See some of Paris's most amazing churches and palaces like The Holy Chapel and the Grand Palace, stroll through the pleasant parks like the Ga
See It All in Two Days
If you really want to see everything and you only have two days then this is the itinerary for you. It will take you through the most popular sites in just two days. It may be a bit of a rush, but you will really get to see all must se
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Paris is less famous for being cheap and for the less experienced traveler it can become an expensive trip. Learning the
The Paris Pass – Paris Museum Pass, Paris Attraction Pass and a Travel card “Is the Paris Pass worth it?
Part of Paris trip planning would be - when to go? Paris in different seasons means a completely dif
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The Eiffel Tower (Paris), one of the must sees in Paris, can't be missed from any spot while walking
Many Parisians and tourists alike consider this place to be one of Paris top 10 attractions alongside the Holy Chapel, t
At the top of Paris top 10 attractions, The Louvre Museum (Paris) is in fact the largest art mu
While some of Paris residents like it more than others, the Sacre Coeur Basilica in Paris,
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Paris in 2 Days - 9 Suggested Itineraries