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Salzburger Tiergarten Hellbrunn


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The landscape of the Schloss Helbrunn provides the backdrop for Salzburg's zoo; the zoo is at the foot of Hellbrunner Mountain in southern Salzburg. Over 140 animal species and 800 animals call this zoo home; the animals come from across the globe and are housed in environments which reflect their natural habitat. There are three enclosure zones each reflecting a different geographical area where the animals come from - Eurasia, South America and Africa. This Geo-Zoo concept gained the zoo international recognition. Recently Australia has joined the other zones.

As far back as 1424 the location was the Archbishop's park where he kept birds and had fish ponds. In 1612 the construction of Hellbrunn began along with the planning of the gardens, park, a stone theatre, Castle Belvedere, chapels, a menagerie and the zoological gardens. The zoo was completed in 1619 and in 1962 the zoo first opened its gates to the general public.

The zoo is criss-crossed with gravel paths and for little ones who find walking around a little difficult the zoo offers hand carts free of charge. There is a petting zoo where young visitors can touch and feed some of the animals. On the site there is a pleasant restaurant. It is possible to visit the zoo at night on Friday and Saturdays in August to see the nocturnal behavior f the creatures.

Address: 5020 Salzburg
Phone Number: 0662 820176
Admission: 9€ adults, 7€ students, 4€ youths 4-14, free for children 3 and under
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Salzburger Tiergarten Hellbrunn
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Salzburger Tiergarten Hellbrunn
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